Life in our Group

There are a range of reasons to join EKC Group. From the tangible benefits to being an EKC Group colleague such as the amazing holiday allowance and great pensions schemes, to the fact that we’re a socially responsible employer with a keen commitment to lowering our carbon footprint and doing right by you. One thing is for sure – we take our commitment to looking after our people seriously. That’s because you’re the core of our organisation and the reason we’ve been so successful in the past. And it’s that same belief that if we look after our people, the organisation will look after itself, that continues to guide life in our Group. We hope you’ll consider joining our community so you can experience this for yourself.

From wellbeing to environmental responsibility

We know that you care about more than just a salary. So do we. We are passionate about delivering great experiences for the communities we serve, and never letting them down. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for people who’s values align with our own. So, if you think you could offer our Group something special, why not take a look at the roles on offer and apply today.